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Our LED Display LEDPRO4

Our LED display – LEDPRO4

At RA customs we have developed our very own unique LED display which benefits from:

18 Months Warranty – We believe in our LED so much that we have gone above and beyond and offered 18 months warranty instead of the usual 12, rest assured you are looked after.

Unique LED Bead Style – The LED bead style is entirely new built from the ground up to differentiate from the rest of the market whilst enhancing the look with bigger and brighter colours.

Branded Logos – OEM logos ensure our products have the level of factory finish to them, whatever the brand it will have its own logo to welcome you upon boot up.

How to install 

There are two wires to be connected to either your airbag or cars button wiring loom..

The red wire must be connected to a positive power source, and the black wire must be connected to a negative power source. You may need a multimeter to find a positive (+) and negative (-) source. 

After locating the wires you’ll be connecting to, disconnect  the car’s battery and start tapping the wires together..

insert  the OBD bluetooth connector. The OBD connector must be firmly fixed in and the wires must be connected properly in order to prevent the display from losing power or glitching..

Reconnect the battery, start the ignition and wait 5-10 seconds as the LED will begin its first start-up. You can hold both buttons down for 5 seconds to turn this on if it doesn’t turn on right away.

Menus for the display: 

To enter the menu, press the right key down until you find the menu section. Long press the right button down. This will enter the menu. In this menu you can alter the RPM redline, change the display colours and features of the display.

What if my display does not connect when it is turned on? 

If your display does not connect to the car, this will need a simple battery reset. 

Simply remove the OBD connector, and cars battery, and wait 30 seconds. Once you have done this, reconnect it, and plug the OBD reader back in. This will perform the reset, and connection can then be made. 

Assistance with steering wheels:

If you have any questions, or require any help, please use the contact us page and get in touch! We’d be happy to help. 

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