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Returns and Refunds

  • We have a strict no returns policy as all orders are custom made and wheels are sold brand new in their packaging.
  • Deposits are non-refundable as each wheel is made to order and once processed cannot be cancelled midway.
  • In the event of faulty parts, we will aim to fix or replace the damaged parts with new ones. Should we not be able to fix it, we will then escalate a returns/refunds procedure.
  • Any return postage fees are to be paid by the customer for return unless stated otherwise.
  • For any incorrect or Incompatible PLEASE TAKE PHOTOS AND VIDEO of side-by-side Comparisons so we can ensure we get the right part to you


We will NOT accept the following as a return:

  • Products damaged after in transit, that would be the courier’s responsibility .
  • Products that are returned damaged, eg. Scuffed, dented, scratched
  • Products that have been unboxed and used. 
  • Products that have been modified / tampered with in any way.
  • Products that have been installed to a vehicle even if they’ve not been used.



  • We do not claim any responsibility if there is any damage to your car after installation, all goods are tested thoroughly before being shipped.
  • We do not offer any liability in the case of fittings through ourselves, fittings by us are taken at your own risk unless stated otherwise. We will always tell you if we the ability to install a wheel


Who Pays Customs Fees?

Customers are responsible to pay customs fees for their parcels if they incur whilst in transit, to and from foreign countries unless stated otherwise. This is out of our control and accanot be avoided in the rare scenario.

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